Pathfinder Reservoir: Alcova, Wyoming

Pathfinder Reservoir: Alcova, Wyoming

I. Am. A. Mountain girl. Hands down, through and through. Walking the beaches of a lake will calm my soul a thousand times more than walking the beach of an ocean. A lake with mountains serving as a back drop? Even better. 

Above: The view from a small climb Chris led me on. There was actually a massive Eagle's nest perched in one of the corners. But watching lizards, Chris picking out cactus from Rico's paws, and boats drift across the horizon was pretty great too. 

Above: A very Wyoming-esque sign (seriously, I love how little rules there are here) along with the hike down to the beach, and Glady's reaction once we got there. 

This spot actually reminded us a lot of one of our favorite beaches on the East Side of Cozumel. Alas, there is no bar up the hill from this one...but a few lawn chairs and a 30 rack should do just fine. 

This was honestly one of the best days in my entire life. We hiked down to this beach. I read and wrote a blog post offline. Then we hiked back up, and stopped on the way back at the river. We hiked down to the canyon and I found the perfect nook to read more of my book while Chris was fly fishing. The pups climbed up and down the rocks, splashed in the water, and then fell asleep sunbathing on the rock next to me. You could see the river bugs buzzing above the clear water with the canyon as a back drop. The sun was warm, the river was calm. Then we came back home, drank Mich Ultra's and cooked cheeseburgers that we ate on the deck watching the dogs play. 

Heart is grieving but happy. Grateful. Thank you Wyoming.