Yuri Dibble


Yuri Dibble

TBH (should you start a blog post with a slang acronym? Too late now...) this trip isn't the most visually stimulating. I am waiting on the USB cable to get photos from my DSLR to my computer (read as: I am still learning how to make pretty pictures on said camera and a USB cable is my excuse). But I ate some really great food, got some yoga in, and spent a week somewhere new. So I have decided to post it even though it doesn't quite meet the standards, albeit low standards, that I'd like for this space. 

I was there for a work trip - and while I am on the subject of work, let's talk about that for a second. Between getting 2 new clients who aren't nightmare clients, and travelling to Cali for training on our new platform,  I have been reminded that I do in fact, love my career. It fulfills me, it makes me feel smart, it gives me rewarding human interaction, and the company for the most part takes very good care of me. I met people on my team who have worked there 19 years, and others who have hit the 5 year threshold therefor the company pays for part of their continuing education. Yes I had a shit summer, and yes, I felt frustrated at best and expendable at worst. But the smoke has cleared a little and I can admit I can be slightly dramatic and hot headed. An added plus to keeping my job in Puerto Rico would be the huge increase in expendable income. I would no doubt be able to not only maintain a side business, but self fund the monumental endeavor as well. But none of that has to do with travel, so back to it we go...

I had what I thought was a successful flight there. I caught up on Yoga Omwork, played around with my camera ( I finally figured out why my lense was so blurry....long story short I'm not only a novice but a slight idiot as well...) and just enjoyed the quiet time to rehearse and visualize yoga sequences in my head. I know, I know, #yoganerd. I guess it wasn't the best flight though because my bag never ended up leaving Denver. So I arrived in San Jose without any of my stuff. I will say that United made sure they delivered my bag to my hotel room by midnight that night. So no harm no foul in my opinion. 

After the bag debacle and my rental car taking forever, we decided we needed a beer. I have to say, a brewery doesn't feel quite like a brewery when it's outside of Colorado. I know, sounds pretty biased. So sue me. 

I checked in with plans to relax and get room service, but low and behold all my crazy co workers had no such plans. This would be the first of many conversations where I was peer pressured into stepping out of my hotel room bubble. I used to be social, I swear. 

We ended up going to a spot I wouldn't have picked to be quite honest. But it was close to the hotel and easy for people to drop in. I'm not a huge fan of places with menus that exceed 4 pages, but that's just me. I will hand over a meaningful amount of bonus point for the post-meal fare however. Giant Cotton Candy for the win. 

I went home and slept like a baby. Mostly because I knew I was getting up early in the morning. Which I actually followed through on. I hopped in the rental car and drove to the closest park I could find before the sun came up. I was able to practice a lot with my camera and get a good morning yoga flow in. Took my shoes off and Vinyasa'd till the sun came up. It was my favorite morning there. 

The conference itself was pretty damn decent. I learned a lot, got to meet people I had only virtually connected with before, and just enjoyed the time spent at the office. Having said that, my mind was obviously still on ACE . If you can keep it hush hush I am working with someone special on bringing one of these to life...can't wait.

Monday we decided to hit up San Fran! No sweet talking to get me here. I was 100% game from the start. We rode the BART down to The Bay, and I don't think it was a coincidence that a good portion of Oakland was underground. But I did catch this during a small segment of time above land. Love is everywhere people. Even in dirty, dirty Oakland. 

We then did all the tourist things. We walked the Pier checking out the little shops, perusing our way to dinner. But guys, it was cold. I was SO glad someone suggested bringing my hoodie. I would have been miserable to be around otherwise. I'm pretty laid back a lot of the time, but if I'm cold? You will know I am cold. It was pretty enough to make up for it though. I would have loved to eat dinner at one of the cute waterfront restaurants, but we had reservations already. So that was that. 

We took a little stroll through the hill crested streets on the way to Betty Lou's. We found out the hard way that there is a street in San Fran that is home to ALL the strip clubs. In a stretch of about 4 blocks we saw no less than 7. In my younger  years I would have been game to drag the co workers in there. But I have learned my lesson - there are certain lines that even I won't cross.

But back to the restaurant - best crab I have ever had. The space was great too. Small. Intimate. Authentic. The hostess was memorable and accommodating. I sat close to the kitchen at the end of the table and she was talking to our waitress very comfortably. (My nice way of saying she was yelling like they do in busy restaurants.) Anyways, turns out the "hostess" was Betty and our waitress was Lou! They were so great. Not a fake great either. More like a, "we busted our ass to make this place legit. Now say it, say we are legit," kind of way. And they were indeed, legit. 

I usually stick with East Coast oysters, but we were in San Fran! So I went with the West Coast and they went down eeeeaaassssy. I followed that up with half a crab and a salad - it was all so, so good. Of course I partnered it all with wine.  

It should be mentioned that my mom was nice enough to watch the pups for a couple of days, and Chris was nice enough to keep the cute puppy pics dinging into my phone throughout the trip. Here's one for your viewing pleasure. 

I know what you are thinking, and yes, they are getting SO big!

I took it easy Tuesday. Explored the amazing gym on the second floor of our hotel. If you follow me on IG you hopefully saw it on my story. We re talking 4 acres of pilates, a rock climbing wall, cross fit, boxing, yoga, spin, anything you can imagine. Highly impressed. 

Wednesday we went to Campo di Bocci and it was also amazing. The atmosphere was so fresh and easy while still feeling polished. It was surrounded by a small vineyard, and you better believe that after some Sauvignon Blanc, and a couple whiskey on the rocks, I was out there walking by myself under the moonlight soaking it all in. 

Thursday I took it easy again. And by easy I mean, room service, a bath, a little Big Brother and trashy MTV and I was sound asleep by 8:30. 

Friday we wrapped up at the office (we were gifted iPads, which I was not mad about) and then headed off the airport. 

As I was jotting a few things down in my journal, one of my co workers asked me if I minded him asking what I was writing. I showed him a little of my journal and we started talking about books, meditation etc. It turned into a 2 hour conversation about life, this blog, what we attract, and we were both able to really open up and talk about real shit. 

That's what I love about this thing and everything going on in my life right now. That;s the shit that lights me up. Getting messages from people I haven't heard from in years who have thought about making changes and are finally making them, people who respect what this is because they see a piece of it in themselves, and especially the people who tell me "I've been needing to have this conversation for months, so thank you." 

It's fucking vulnerable. But it has already paid off in so many ways. So if you're still reading, thank you.