Yuri Dibble

Yurt Excursion: Crested Butte, CO

Yuri Dibble
Yurt Excursion: Crested Butte, CO

I really had no idea where this site was headed when we went on this little weekend adventure. So even though it's Spring, and there is no rhyme or reason for a winter wonderland post, it was still an amazing experience and something I would highly recommend, so I'm going to throw it on here anyways. Plus I'm in the travel zone after the Puerto Rico post so let's just ride this wave...

February. Cabin full of friends. Beautiful mountain town. Snowshoeing and local fare. I could go on and on. 

Let's be honest: is there really anything better then getting a cabin with a group of good friends and playing games in a cozy kitchen while it snows outside? I mean, I love the beach and all, but I could be just as happy playing Fuck the Dealer and laughing until i cry up in the mountains. 

The drive up to Crested Butte was beautiful. Chris and I just jammed out and kept grabbing the other person's attention to point to the amazing clouds, mountains, fields of untouched snow, and even the occasional dead deer. (I refuse to romanticize the experience tooooo much...) I wish I had taken more pictures, but as previously stated: I had no idea I would be posting about it. 

My friend used Crested Butte Vacation Rentals to book the cabin. A little off the beaten path in terms of vacation rentals, but it delivered all the same. There were 8 of us and we had plenty of room in a cabin about a 10 minute drive from the actual town of Crested Butte.

By the time Chris, Betty, and Ryan had gotten their rentals and we had stopped at the local grocer and liquor store, it was about 8:00 and the rest of the group had already set up the taco assembly line. I hate being late, but this time I would be lying if I said it didn't end up working out for a couple of hungry travelers. 

I would also be lying if I said eating was the first item on the agenda. We had beers to drink and cards to play first. But after a handful of Coors Lights and a few tacos, we decided to up the ante and play a little Kings Cup. Yes, we are in our 30's - but don't act like you are better than Kings Cup. It has everything: creativity, following a set of rules which means it's easy to regulate, and it moves quickly. Not to mention there is a form of public shaming at the end of the game where you get to watch someone suffer. Who doesn't like that?

I have heard a lot of Kings cup rules, but Ryan came up with one on this particular night that really took the cake: switch shirts with the person to your left. This is funny already, but when you take into account the size difference between Chris and I, it becomes even more comical. Suffice it to say that my shirt only ever really became a scarf when it was time to trade. He also rocked Betty's tee pretty well too.

I also shouldn't leave out that I lost. And I had to drink a Kings Cup concoction of beer, whiskey, and if I remember correctly, wine. Chris was rightfully worried. He has seen me get trashed off 3 glasses of Cab. But he has also seen me drink a half bottle of Jameson and be fine. So he watched me with curious concern which did not go unnoticed, and I am proud to report that I actually handled it just fine. 

The only thing almost as good as drinking games in a cozy cabin is waking up the next morning and cooking breakfast together as you all recap the dumb and/or funny things everyone said. It really is one of my favorite things in life. So naturally, that's what we did. Whipped up some breakfast, made fun of each other, and got our snow gear on to hit the slopes. (I am ashamed to admit that this is the only time this CO girl made it to a ski resort this year...couple more of those and I might have my "Native" bumper sticker revoked...)

I really, really liked the mountain in Crested Butte. The slopes weren't crowded, it was gorgeous, and I tend to prefer mountains with wider more easily navigable runs. But it was cold. Really cold. So we got a half day in and went back to the cabin to get ready for the Yurt! The whole point of this trip that I have yet to even bring up. How's that for logical story telling?

The whole point of the trip was to partake in the Magic Meadows Yurt Dinner experience. It's a snow shoe excursion that leads you and your friends to a Yurt where you are then served a 5 course meal and unlimited wine. If I didn't hook you at Kings Cup, I bet I have you now...

We had time for a costume change and a small nap. I am not sure which felt better. We drove back into town and met at the Crested Butte Nordic Center and ended up having to wait an hour for a gentleman that was running behind. He was apologetic, but I would be lying if I said we weren't a little perturbed. We bussed it to the starting point, strapped on our snow shoes, and got to it! 

They had the cutest little tiki torches lighting the path, and although we had heard rumors of it being difficult, it wasn't at all. The path was groomed and well lit, and while I felt it in my hip flexers the next day, it wasn't anything burdensome. The hike itself is about a mile and a half, and the sun was still up on the trek to the Yurt. 

You guys, the Yurt. It was perfect. Warm and cozy (it sat about 30-35 people at 7 or 8 tables) with stained lattice and string lights with burlap covers on the walls. There was a small stove in the middle to keep us warm, and a rundown from the chef about each course (all local, and in season). There was a man at the front playing classics on his guitar, and half way through the dinner the man that had made us late got up and announced that although he was just diagnosed with throat cancer, he wanted to bring his girlfriend up to ask her to marry him. I willed myself not to cry - Chris and I were too new for him to see me get sappy over a proposal thank you very much. But on the inside I was dying. It was amazing and a great reminder to chill the fuck out because you don't know why someone is making a van full of hungry snow shoers wait for them.. 

The food was amazing, the porta potty was cold. Everything was as it should be. With full bellies and more than enough wine to keep us happy, we snow shoed back under a moon so bright we didn't even need our head lamps. The snow fell perfectly, and it honestly couldn't have been more perfect. 

We got back to the cabin and tried to stay up and watch Titanic with Ryan and Betty, but that just did not happen. I don't know who we thought we were anyways. 

Before we hit the road to come home, we shopped around town a little and I found the most awesome Apothecary. I ended up buying some Maca and a couple herbal remedy books written by a chick in Denver. I just love this quote in one of them:

On the way back, Chris, Betty, Ryan and I decided to take the long scenic route and see The Royal Gorge. I don't like that there is an admission, but it was pretty. It was also windy. I also am not a huge fan of heights. But overall I am still glad we did it. 

I highly recommend the Magic Meadows Yurt expedition, but since it's May, I also highly recommend just getting a cabin with your friends and being anti social for a weekend. Check out from technology and drink some whiskeybeerwine cups. It worked for us!