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Life Lately

Yuri DibbleComment
Life Lately

The blog has been on the back burner. I know this. But it has only been because I am trying to figure a lot of shit out. And I think I actually am! Slowly but surely. 

I thought video content would be the most aligned way to get yoga into the blogosphere - I was wrong. But it took some recording and editing and praying and dwelling before I could come to that conclusion. Which is another thing I am learning to be okay with: trying things and having them not work out...and being okay with the "wasted" time that it all entails. Too often I feel guilty about wasting a month or even two weeks on something that didn't pan out the way I wanted it to. My type A self says I am not taking advantage of the time I have here. I am still in "efficiency" mode. But that's not my truth right now. Right now my life is about letting things unfold as they naturally should - not forcing them into slots in my planner. 

I can confidently speak of these lessons because I have worked through enough of these scenarios that things are starting to fall into place. I can tell the difference between doing something that is in line with my truth and something I am doing for money or because it makes the most sense on paper. It's a good feeling - and this feeling brings me to the reason I haven't been "musing" on here as much.

I have been writing an ebook - and I am so fucking stoked about it. Seriously. Even if no one else appreciates it, I have lost myself in the creation of this thing. And I have 3 or 4 others that I want to do after this one. It feels so...write. (I couldn't help myself.)

I still like the idea of doing 20 minute yoga and core videos. Maybe some recipe videos. But hour long yoga flows feel really forced. Especially since my favorite types of yoga are not full hour flows. It all just felt wrong. Getting my expertise and ideas out in writing feels right. So even though it's not the best option monetarily, I think it's what I am going to go with. 

The "why" behind ACE Movement will always be the idea that simple, small life changes repeated over time will result in amazing life shifts - and that you can live a healthy life without torturing yourself at a gym or a boot camp. Those options can totally be a way to do it, if you love that style - but it's not the only option to get your body in its prime state. That's why hour long flows don't fit in here. It just isn't reflective of the main idea behind the products. 

SO. I am putting the final touches on the book (making sure all the little bubbles are centered and the fonts match, and my spelling is correct across the board...all the tedious stuff) and then it will be available for purchase! It's a Yoga Crash Course eBook with 50 pages of yoga basics that I have poured my heart and soul into. I will be following it up with running eBooks to help with training and stretching for your first 5k or half marathon! I think I'll also keep the short Youtube videos coming, and I am going to start a FB group as well. 

I also want to make sure I am keeping this thing up to date with what we are doing day to day. It's always evolving. But for now, here are some pics from a beach jaunt we took last week. I'll be keeping these coming more often now that the book is almost done! Eeeeek!

I hope everyone has a great Holiday Weekend with family and friends!

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