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How I Pay the Bills While Living the Island Life

Yuri DibbleComment
How I Pay the Bills While Living the Island Life

Has anyone ever tried to find a remote job or a job where you can work from home? HOLY SCAM ALERT. It has been my experience that the best way to end up with a work from home gig is to start with a company, and work your way up the ladder enough to request a WFH position. Now, I am sure there a lot of solid ways to go about it, but there is also a lot of sketchy shit out there too. Like, a lot. 

I tried flex jobs and remote jobs, and honestly they were pretty good. I think if I would have had a little more time and commitment to give to a solid role, I could have found something pretty legit. But I needed something part time, where I didn't just have the capability to work from home, but had the capability to work from anywhere. Any country, any time I wanted. Soooooo that limited things. 

Thank GOD I found a Facebook group through a friend of a friend that had a posting about work. In the comments there was a chick that said she taught online ESL. Now I had been looking into in person ESL (teaching English) but it would take a little bit of time and money to become TEFL certified. I was emailing back and forth with some of their advisors, but if I could land a job teaching children ONLINE and not even need the TEFL certification...well, that would just be too good to be true!

But it wasn't too good to be true. Well, it still seems like it...but it's not. It's real. So I am going to share the 5 stages of acceptance of VIP Kids (ya know, like the 5 stages of grief...get it? Okay maybe it's a stretch...)

Stage 1: Read the FAQ's and Policies and think to yourself "No way. There's got to be a catch."

There isn't a catch. I guess if you are looking for full on 40 hour weeks with all the bells and whistles like health care and a 401(k), then that could be a catch. Or if you don't want to be a 1099 employee, that could be a catch. But for me, those are not deal breakers. 

Go ahead, do your research. In fact, I'll even include some of the things I looked at. I research the shit out of things before I pull the trigger whether it's lipstick or a new job, so I promise you I put in the miles. 

FAQ directly from the horses mouth here.

Payment FAQ here.

Youtube testimonies here. And here. Annnnnnd here

Scheduling questions are something I get a lot too. It's all based on Beijing time...so a lot of early mornings and late nights. I knock out all my classes first thing in the mornings during the week, and then teach one evening stretch on Saturdays and take Sunday completely off. But you can work it to whatever you like! Just open the slots that work for you and then wait for a parent to book you! Simple as that. 

2. Apply

Let them know you want to work for them! It's really easy...you just fill out your information and experience. No, you don't have to have legit teaching experience. You do need a BA in something (anything) and having experience with children is a plus. Your pay grade will depend on it. You'll start out between $7 to $9 a class (you can teach 2 classes an hour) and then you get an extra $1 if you are on time, and another extra $1 if you teach more than 45 classes in a month. (Totally doable.)

I listed my experience in day care and nannying during college, along with coaching little kids sports camps one summer. Between that and my interview, they placed me at $8 an hour. I have taught more than 45 classes and been on time to them all, so I make $20 an hour. In my living room. Whenever I want.

They will email you that you qualify if you meet these requirements. 

3. Prepare for your interview

Next step is the interview. You have options here: you can schedule a short teaching demo with a live person, or you can record a demo on your own time and submit it for them to review. I was super nervous and worried about my internet connection, so I went with the demo. I liked this option too, because if I didn't like something I could just re record it. But I didn't need to. They really do make it so easy!

4. Pass your mock class

This one has to be with a VIP Kid rep, no way around it. You basically just teach a mock class and the person on the other end pretends to be a kid. It's cheesy. And awkward. But for $20 an hour to work anywhere I want AND get to chill with kids to do so, I wasn't about to complain. 

When it came to prepping for the interview and the Mock Class, I followed these two videos to a tee. Video 1 and video 2. 

Oh, and if you don't pass the first one, they give you another opportunity! Isn't that amazing??

5. hand in your proof!

This one took me the longest because I was in Mexico and had to get my diploma. But I just took a picture of my passport, gave proof of my diploma, filled out my W9, and I was good to go! 

Teaching my first class was nerve wracking, and learning to manage my schedule didn't feel natural until 2 or three weeks into it, but I think I am in my groove now and I love it! Some of the kids are crazy, but most of them are the cutest things. Chris is always laughing at me because I have too much fun, but I don't even care! I have a job where I can wake up half an hour before my first class, get "ready" and put $70 in the bank in a few short hours. It's been really awesome. 

Lastly: you get paid for referrals

So, reader friend...if you DO decide to take advantage of this little side hustle, please use my referral code! I've been totally honest, because it doesn't need any stretch of the truth to make perfect sense for a lot of us, but if I can make some extra money I would like to do so! 

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Feel free reach out if you have any other questions! I hope this helped in some shape or form!