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Our First Week in Cozumel

Yuri DibbleComment
Our First Week in Cozumel

How does one measure a week? In puppy walks? In markered "X's" inside a planner? Morning coffees drank on a patio? Coconuts eaten? All of the above?

Yes, all of the above.

We are semi settled. I still freak out most days, but we are getting there. I am sitting on our patio while the sun slowly rises above the two story apartment across the street. We have a flexible morning routine: alarms go off at 5, laughter is had, puppy kisses ensue. We either leave the puppies in the puppy proofed bathroom and jog down to the beach to go for a swim and do yoga, or Chris takes them for a run by himself and I sweep the sand off the floor, re organize all the things that are out of place (quite a few things for a couple of nomads might I add) and get the coffee and blogging started. We find time to meditate somewhere in there as well. It's still a work in progress, but we gave ourselves 3 non negotiables to master before we try to put anything else on our plate: morning routine, track every peso we spend so we can come up with a realistic budget, and stick to a nightly routine. We have nailed 2 out of 3...

In good news on the island, I got the job I wanted! I found out officially on Sunday. I am very excited as it's the perfect fit for the lifestyle I am trying to create for the next 6 months. I will be a virtual teacher for 4 and 5 year olds learning English in Beijing. I could have tried to teach in person here in Playa, but the virtual model will allow me to teach anywhere we decide to move. Considering Chris and I's attention span, that is a safety net I couldn't turn down. The pay is great, and as long as I get students and parents to re book classes with me, I'll more than break even on the bills. We also found a "long term" apartment we will begin to rent in November. This particular development is great news, as I have come to the conclusion that I don't want to live right in the heart of Cozumel. I can say I am open minded all I want, but the truth is, I am still getting used to cantinas on one street and a run down house with a rabid dog barking at you on the next. To my defense, this uneasiness is typically only present when we are walking the dogs. I am such a momma bear, and am always on edge with them anyways - add in the fact that a mistreated dog could jump off from a balcony and attack them at any moment, and I just don't enjoy any type of stroll with them. If it is just Chris and I, I am much more capable of seeing the beauty in the rubble - but with two puppies on a leash, my perspective is too limited to enjoy leisurely walks. That's why I am very excited to have a long term rental farther from the city. It's still only a 5 minute drive to the ferry pier, and it's completely bikeable as well - but it's quieter and closer to beaches and bars that are more in line with our taste. 

My personal yoga has blossomed since we stepped foot on the island. Poses I have been trying to nail for what seems like forever are clicking into place. I am enjoying my own core workouts and yoga flows. But still, I have yet to teach a live class. I am making progress, but I'm not quite where I want to be just yet. Tomorrow we are renting a scooter and cruising the entire island to check out all the beaches. I am planning on recording 2 full hour flows for my Patreon members, and also taking some pictures for the website and the flyers. This will allow me to find where I want to hold the donation based classes, while also giving me the photos I need to polish off the marketing content I have been working on. 

I'll be unveiling a new ace movement tab of the website that will explain options to take live and virtual yoga classes with me, so please stay tuned for that ... I'm really really excited about it. I think it will do wonders for my confidence here. 

Speaking of which, it has been hard to adjust my mind to this adventure. Saturday night was the first night I could actually sleep. I thought I would relax once we got here with the puppies and settled in. I was wrong. (Side note: I have had requests for a post on traveling with the puppies, so that will be on here soon - I promise.) I was really wrong. As stated earlier, I have been on edge. Traveling with the puppies was easy - living with them and taking them with us everywhere here is hard. It's not a leash friendly town. The tourists love them! They ask if they can pet them and tell us how much they miss their own dogs. But they are still puppies, so they bark at the horse carriages, pull on the leashes, stop to smell ALL THE SMELLS, and Rico has to mark every single light post we walk past because he is the most testosterone driven puppy I have ever seen. Not to mention the issue of other dogs around here. They have all been gated, but it's still draining on my adrenal glands to be on guard as we walk past any house that could have an angry dog jump out at us. Plus, the poverty in some areas is still an adjustment. I come home from "walks" feeling physically and mentally drained. Outside of rabid dogs, we also have to watch out for large iguanas. Nothing is going to actually happen, but it's just another jolted pull on the leash that spikes my blood pressure...

All in all, these are not terrible things. Just things that will take some time getting used to. My brain is rewiring the way I view things, and that always causes discomfort that turns into learning. We have had countless discussions overlooking the ocean, downed a kegs worth of Dos Equis, found hidden beaches, sipped wine and watched the sunset behind cruise ships, threw on goggles and explored underwater coral ecosystems, drank tequila and watched football, tried more restaurants than I can count, familiarized ourselves with the local daily market, and just tried to be as present as possible. 

Tomorrow will be a huge day to explore and I can't wait to see what the rest of the island looks like. In the meantime, here is quick recap of our week:

Tuesday: Flew in from Denver to Cancun (once again, puppy post coming soon) and rented a car to drive to our Airbnb in Playa. Explored Playa (need to do more of this because I wasn't thrilled with what we saw, but have heard great things) and just cooked a simple dinner and slept. The rooftop pool was amazing as you can see in the photo reel below:

Wednesday: Ate breakfast at Cafe Orange, checked out, returned the car, made our way to the ferry that took us from Playa to Cozumel, checked into the next Airbnb, and I unpacked while Chris went down to Mega and got dinner and necessities for the week. We made dinner and went to bed!

Thursday: I tried out the yoga nook (seriously, the fact that we have an accent wall the exact length of a yoga mat and color scheme of ACE has to be some sort of sign, right?) We explored the town a little bit and took the pups down to the pier. Most places are cool with us bringing them in - including a little tequila shop where I tasted just the right amount of "organic" tequila. Let's be real guys - 2 in shape Americans walk into a tequila store. Those fuckers read us like a book: they pulled out all the all natural stops for us, but I knew what they were doing and drank the tequila anyways. We then stopped for the first time a little bar called the Thirsty Cougar. Yep, it means what you think it does. They play all the 80's hits, serve blended fruiteritas the size of a watermelons (on Barbie plates, just as an extra blow to the ego), and cater to alllllll the cruise ship ladies in their 40's who love to scream about how fun they still are while sporting their white tank tops and bedazzled foam wedge sandals. I am not trying to offend anyone - but whoever owns that joint know exactly what they are doing. It's kind of become our spot. And I am oddly okay with that. 

Friday Chris got a cab and took me to another part of the beach. Mostly because he woke up Thursday night at 1am and I was still on my phone with Gray's Anatomy playing on Netflix. I was freaking out and my body wouldn't let me fall asleep. I was scared. I had been frazzled by a particularly draining walk with the pups that day and I just didn't feel comfortable in our surroundings. We decided to go check out other areas, including a condo I had been talking to someone about renting. Within 5 minutes of being on a new beach I felt renewed. We got to see the condo, loved the condo, and came back to have a drink at....The Thirsty Cougar. Don't judge us. Sometimes the local watering hole picks you my friends.

That night we puppy proofed the bathroom and decided to go out to dinner on our own. It was a beautiful night out. When we got home, we realized the puppies had locked themselves in the bathroom. If you have been reading this blog, you know we locked ourselves out of our Airbnb in Montana and Chris had to literally rip the frame off with his bare hands an hour into MacGyvring the lock. Needless to say we freaked when we went to let them out and the little guys had locked themselves in. But the lock was super easy to pick and we have the process down pat now! 

Saturday we went to the market, ate breakfast at the market, did yoga in the yoga nook, took the puppies down to a new beach, found a spot to drink Tecates and watch the sunset, made a fruit and cheese platter for dinner, and I had my first night of uninterrupted sleep. It was beautiful. 

Sunday we woke up, made coffee and meditated, put the pups away and went back to the same beach just the two of us. We got there early enough enjoy the sun coming up. I practiced some yoga, Chris went for a swim, and then we went over to the coral and did a little exploring. The amount of fish in even the touristy areas is astounding. I can't wait to explore more of the less trafficked areas. We tried a couple Ex Pat bars to watch Football but ended up diving back into the ocean and talking. One more trip to Mega, a simple but amazing dinner, and an episode of Narcos later and I was sleeping like a baby again. 

Today we woke up and Chris took the pups to the beach while I cleaned, made coffee and blogged. Now he is back, the puppies are chilling, I'm on the patio watching baby lizards, and Chris is hanging gymnastic rings on the tree that drapes over our patio. Normal things. 

Thank you to everyone who subscribed last week. Seriously. From the bottom of this confused but curious little heart. It means the world and I hope we keep you semi entertained.