things that are intriguing me: May 6th, 2018

things that are intriguing me: May 6th, 2018

So many things are making my ears perk up lately. So I have decided to do a weekly rundown of them all. Disclaimer: they are random. 

1. Anthony Bourdain and Asio Argento

It's no secret that I love me some Bourdain. I remember watching his Rome episode of Parts Unknown and seeing chemistry between him and Asio. Not to mention I just find her so interesting on her own. The daughter of 70's and 80's horror film icon? Not your run of the mill chick. They are unapologetically taking their love to Instagram, saying artsy and over the top things like "This love kills Fascists." It's so entertaining. 

2. TIME magazine

I used to flip through these every week when I nannied in Denver when I was like 22. I am so excited to have our own place where I can have them delivered to now! Like, so excited. 

3. Midland (the band, not the place)

Chris is on a huge country music kick, and just discovered these guys. I know the singles from the radio, but thanks to him, we are listening to more of them, and also going to try to go to Sweet Water County Fair in Rock Springs, WY to see them in July. I can already taste the funnel cakes and PBR. 


4. Puffin Rescues in Iceland

Once again, it is no secret that I LOVE CBS Sunday morning news. Thanks to a story they did on Puffins being released into the wild to increase their declining population, Chris and I have added Puffin rescues on the Westland islands to our in the next 10 years bucket list. 

5. Cape Cod

Maybe it's all the frequent trips to Boston lately, but I really, really, want to spend a week in Cape Cod this summer. I am really excited to see MA bloom in the spring. I already like the vibes and can't wait to see what it all looks like once the weather warms up. 


That about wraps up the first installment of this little series. I remember one time I got a new iPhone and it loaded everything from the last time I backed up...which unfortunately was like 2 years prior. It was so crazy to see all the screen shots and things I was interested in 2 years before. Consider this the same thing...but on purpose.