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30 in 30 review: looking back

Yuri DibbleComment
30 in 30 review: looking back

What. A. Year. 

I don't even know where to begin. I really went the distance in switching things up for the first year of my 30's. The weird thing is, I don't feel like I have made a ton of progress, but I do feel like I planted a TON of seeds, and I handled a LOT of change. I'm proud to look back at how I handled it too, even though it was anything but easy. Since last year I:

Sold everything in my apartment, moved in with my boyfriend (after 6 months of meeting, and about 2 months of admitting we were actually dating...) and his roommates, raised two puppies, got my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification, quit my job and thought I was moving to Puerto Rico to teach yoga, had a hurricane practically wipe out Puerto Rico a week before we left, decided to go to Mexico, didn't end up teaching yoga due to Visa's and a burn out, lived in Mexico for 4 months and taught English online every morning, came back and lived in Wyoming, found a new job that allowed me to work remotely, travelled to Boston bi weekly for said job, lost my dad which also resulted in an accidental fire that burned down part of the home I grew up in, moved into our own home in Wyoming, and now am about to turn 31...and that's not to mention all the wedding announcements from friends, pregnancy announcements from friends, birthdays, nights spent crying over whether I had made the wrong decisions, fear of the unknown, bottles of tequila drank, tacos eaten, gossiping behind my back, old friendships growing stronger, and a few really hard to handle situations I can't even really share here. It has been overwhelming to say the least. 

Having said all of that, I know I have made some REALLY hard decisions, that are setting me up for a life that is more beautiful than I ever thought I could create...and it doesn't have anything to do with minimalism, or a nice apartment, or anything like that. It has to do with the choices I am making, and the understanding that I can't expect everything to be perfect right now, but I know if I stick with it I can get pretty damn close. I am sad. I miss my dad. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that he doesn't exist on this earth anymore. I have a lot of thoughts that have come up over the last couple of weeks, but I will save those for another post. 

For now, I just want to revisit all the things I wanted to do this year...back when I thought I could control how this would all play out. Back when I thought I had a plan. Back when I thought I know how this all would turn out...consider that a lesson learned!

  1. Stop trying to be better than anyone. Do things because they make me happy - not because I have to prove myself.  
    • I think I did a pretty good job of this. Actually, now that I really think about it, I made a lot of headway here. 
  2. Wash my makeup off every night. I have a lot of drunken nights in my 20's to make up for...
    • Oh my god I was really bad at this. REGROUP! STAT!
  3. Have a website that I have made public, that I enjoy creating and adding content to, that has a clear and inspiring vibe. (Even if I'm the only who sees it that way.)
    • I can say this one was accomplished and I still LOVE this blog, even if no one reads it!
  4. Stop giving a fuck what anyone thinks of me besides my ride or die friends, and my family. Their opinions should always carry weight.
    • This one is hard. I still really care what my friends think...even ones I know have said some things behind my back about how I chose to live life and what kind of friend I am. I can be much better at this, but I still think I made progress. 
  5. Bring my career and the man of my dreams to live on an island...
    • Did this, and then undid this. You never know until you try!
  6. Complete my 200 hour Yoga teacher training. 
    • Check!
  7. Complete certification to teach mat Pilates.
    • Overshot this one...I think I will just take pilates. Same with yoga...just because I love it, doesn't mean I should teach it. At least for now.
  8. Visit at least 2 new countries. 
    • one shy of this one. 
  9. Learn something from all the amazing people I meet and be able to capture them beautifully in writing. 
    • On my way with this....not quite there....
  10. Keep meditating every day - even if I can only fit in 5 minutes.
    • I did pretty damn decent with this one!
  11. Give thoughtful gifts to all my close friends on their birthdays (I currently SUCK at gifts.)
    • Ugh, as you read here, I am regrouping on this one!
  12. Remember to prioritize my time and manage it accordingly. (If I want all the things on this list, hours of TV just won't fit in.)
    • Hours of TV did actually fit in...but I think I handled my priorities really well this year, even if they were different than normal. 
  13. Don't give into pressure to spend my hard earned money on anything other than things I feel are aligned with who I am or who I want to be. 
    • I really did well with this one, and now I can start to build it back up which I am so excited about!
  14. Learn to paddle board!
    • Yay! Yes!
  15. Get a DSLR camera and learn how to use that bitch. 
    • Yay! Yes again!
  16. Workout to love my body - not to change it. 
    • I did this one too! And then I stopped working out and learned to love the soft version just as much as the lean version...most of the time. 
  17. If I can comfortably afford it, I would like a boob job. I know - stark contrast to number 16. But I have wanted one for a while and I know I love my body the way it is already, but that doesn't mean I can't want a little more...
    • Maybe down the line, but I want to fix the root of the problem before I take the plunge...more on that in a future post. 
  18. Oh hey #17 - you're making me want to make #18 to be: Never feel the need to justify my desires to anyone. If I want something, it's really no one else's business why. 
    • Getting better at this...
  19. Remind people that they are enough. 
    •  I did this a lot I think :)
  20. Remind myself that I am enough. 
    • I tried to do this a lot ;)
  21. Remind us all that we are all special and completely not special at the same time. We are all remarkable, but no more so than anyone else. 
    • I did this...see post here. 
  22. Raise 2 well behaved puppies. 
    • They are crazy but just the right amount, so I will say check on this one. 
  23. Read the 33 books I currently have listed in my queue at the back of my Journal. 
    • I did end up reading a lot of these and more!
  24. Choose Love/God/The Universe every day, over and over when I start to get negative with myself or others. 
    • Did pretty well on this one. 
  25. Call my family more. 
    • Can do much better on this one, but thank god for it because I did it right before my dad died and it has made all the difference in the world. 
  26. Find my love for running again.
    • Nope! haahaha but maybe some day!
  27. Start my own business. (Keep my career too.)
    • I did this! Whoa!
  28. Make ___ thousand dollars this year. (This is one specific item I am not willing to share publicly.)
    • I didn't do it between 30 and 31 but I will shoot WAY beyond it between 31 and 32!
  29. Keep a solid morning routine. 
    • I did a good job with this, even when I didn't need to. 
  30. Write every day. Every week. And don't be ashamed to share. 
    • I did this!
  31. Try new recipes! All the time! Kitchen time makes me happy.
    • Nope. I probably cooked the least I ever have this year. Chris is amazing at it so I let him take the lead. Now that we have our own kitchen I hope this changes!
  32. Have the confidence and notgiveafuckery to express myself and my home however I want to at that time through my own personal style. 
    • I can do this now that I actually have my own home HA!
  33. Build a small Apothecary for myself. 
    • Meh. Didn't do it...don't really care. This was a phase for me. 
  34. Love myself so much that I don't need anyone else to do it for me. 
    • Harder said than done but I will keep trying. 
  35. Don't let anyone make me feel like I need to live my life a certain way just because I turned 30. 
    • I did this one to the MAX. 

All in all, I would say I did a lot of these things - especially the ones that are measurable...which lately I feel like don't add up quite as much. I hope to carry the ones I fell short on to next year...post on 31 coming soon!