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my hopes for 31

Yuri DibbleComment
my hopes for 31

I have a birthday looming, and I really enjoyed being able to look back on my last year: what I wanted, where I thought I was going to go, who I wanted to become. So I want to do that again. Maybe with just a little less change this year...

What I want 31 to look like:

  1. I want to stay open - to the good, the bad, the easy and the hard. I want to let each moment pass through me in all it's beauty, and then I want to move on to the next moment. I want to keep my heart and my mind open...for everything. 
  2. Wash my mother effing makeup off every night. This was number 2 last year and I failed miserably. 31 is the year of skin care, and this is an absolute must. 
  3. I want to keep giving: time, money, thoughts, love...the works. I can't tell you how good it has felt to stop making excuses and truly just do the nice things I want to do for people. I didn't have the space to do this before...I do now, and it feels so good I want to keep it rolling. 
  4. Keep blogging. I love this thing. If anyone else wants to come along great...if not, me and my computer and the content will be more than enough. 
  5. Learn to country swing dance and two step. I already know a little, but Chris and I want to take classes and I think it's something we will have fun with for the rest of our lives!
  6. I want to keep honing in on my intuition. I want to slow down when it's time to slow down, kick ass and get shit done when it's time to kick ass and get shit done, relax and meditate when it's time, and push it to the limits when it's time. I want to be able to tune into these seasons so I can reach my full potential. 
  7. Kick ass in my new career. The money is great, yes, but I want to learn. I feel like there is so much opportunity to reach new levels of learning. I want to expand my mind to understand marketplace moves, and technology releases, and dig deeper into bigger picture business mind sets. I want to learn something from all the people I get to meet, and I want to convert that learning into a physical space of success. Maybe that doesn't make sense on paper, but I feel it in my mind :)
  8. I want to workout to feel good! Running with the pups, sweaty yoga in the morning, hikes, climbs, exploring. I want to get active again because I have allowed myself to become much more sedentary as of late, and I know that isn't good for me in the grand scheme of things.  
  9. I want to go to one place on our bucket list. I have a lot of little travels lined up (more Boston, San Antonio, Austin, hopefully Chicago, spots in Wyoming and Montana) but I would like one big destination where I'm immersed in a brand new atmosphere. 
  10. I want to do anything I can to make Chris's life the happiest it can be. I helped him on a pretty big task this last week and this meant I worked all day and then worked with him until 9 or 10 a couple of nights this week, and it felt REALLY good to help him. It's so easy to make excuses - to stay in bed and let him take the dogs out, to let him cook all the time, to question him if I am not happy (big no no on that one, I know). So I want to make a huge effort to do anything I can for him because a. he appreciates it and b. I love him so much. I just want him to be happy and cared for. 
  11. I don't want a morning routine...I want to go with the flow...but I still want to make sure I find 10 minutes in that flow to meditate. And another 20 minutes to put my face on :)
  12. Keep working on the gift giving. You can read more about that here. 
  13. Toe the line between loving myself and holding myself accountable. 
  14. Keep reading! All the books!
  15. Cook more! We have a kitchen now...time to stock that bad boy up and get to cookin' again. 
  16. Have a garden. It might be a modest one, but I just wanna get my hands dirty and have somewhere to sit outside and enjoy. 
  17. Own my fashion sense - it might not be bold, but it's still mine. 
  18. Send more thank you notes and snail mail...I always think about it but I never do it. 
  19. Help plan 2 kick ass parties and follow through on all the details. 
  20. Save a certain amount of money and put another amount of money towards assets. (These specific numbers are personal to me.)
  21. Stop holding onto grudges and let people think and behave they way they want to think and behave. 
  22. Give myself a spa vacation/makeover quarterly. I want it all...the works. Not all of the time, but enough of the time. ;)
  23. Always remember that I am NOT my thoughts, I am what I DO. 
  24. Keep having fun! Immerse myself in the moment, be with who I am with, and always enjoy my surroundings. 
  25. Don't talk behind anyone's back. No excuses. It's never fair and it never does anyone any good. 
  26. Make women around me feel amazing about themselves, even if they already know it. 
  27. Treat people they way they want to be treated, even if I don't connect with their reasoning. 
  28. Stay in touch with my darker side and my peppy side all at the same time. They are both me
  29. Allow myself to meet my own expectations without feeling guilty or impatient with the process of getting there. 
  30. Make my dad proud. 
  31. Be someone that makes other people feel good about themselves when they have an interaction with me. 

So that is it! My 31 desires for my 31st trip around the sun. I am so thankful for another day to live it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.