Radar Roundup: May 19th, 2018

Radar Roundup: May 19th, 2018

Second installment of things I'm currently really interested in. And......go:

1. SNL Character Breaks

Chris and I legit stayed up until my phone died watching one after another after another on Youtube. Go down the rabbit hole...your abs and tear ducts will thank you. 

2. Face the Nation

We all know I love me some CBS Sunday morning news; but afterwards I also really enjoy watching Face the Nation. I might not agree with everything, but I like keeping up with the guests and it makes me feel like I kind of know at least one or two things going on politically.

3. Lake Alcova

Brett and two friends went in on a place at the lake together, and this lake is beautiful. It's a lot of red rock, with amazing views and what I would (as a novice) think is great bouldering at your fingertips. I am SO excited to spend the summer at this lake. 

4. Yardwork

We have a home and now we are weed pulling, lawn mowing, seed scattering renters. It has been really rewarding seeing what a little spring sweat can do. I'll have some before and after pictures in a post later this summer. But it's definitely something we are getting into. (Especially Chris!)


5. Mercari

This one has a lot of different angles. A while ago, I decided to stop (or at least limit) buying "fast fashion." The amount of cheap clothes that end up in dumpsters and landfills because you can only wear them a hand full of times kind of disgusts me. I would rather buy something quality that will last. But I also understand not wanting to commit to something hundreds of dollars if you want to change it out later, or if it's something that will go out of style soon. Enter Mercari: It's a "used" clothing site, but most of what I have bought is new with tags. It's all straight from the closet of an owner, they ship it directly to you, and it's either new with tags, new without tags, good, or fair condition. I have bought Alo Yoga, Lululemon, J Crew, and have my eye on a Vitamix and Roomba for the house! 

I know people have heard of Poshmark, or ThredUp, but Mercari has hands down the best selection. Plus the layout, payment process, and shipping visibility is way better than anything I have found. 

It makes me feel good about not being wasteful, and it helps me restock my closet which I am loving!

That about does it! I hope you enjoyed some sunshine this weekend, and let me know what's on your radar in the comments below. I got some awesome suggestions on the last one!