What this blog is and is not

What this blog is and is not

It's just past midnight on a Thursday night and I cannot sleep. I am currently in a hotel bed in Westborough with my computer on my lap and Southern Charm keeping me company on the TV. I worked my way through one of my favorite blog archives, and then I realized that earlier today I had made a list about this blog. It was one of those times that I just needed to get my jumbled thoughts out of my head and onto paper. 

As I am thinking about this more, I think posting this list will serve me in a number of ways. It is a public declaration that I am not in fact, trying to make money from this thing and I honestly don't care about how many people are reading. I will admit that there was a period of time when I didn't know what I wanted to aim for in my future that I pushed this blog in a direction that wasn't what I really wanted. It honestly never felt right and I am sure people could feel that. having said that, this is my space, so if I decide to go that route again, then so be it. 

BUT. I think I have a pretty realistic and authentic framework for allowing this space to be my own, while also having some sort of structure to keep doors open for growth. Having said all of this, here is my list of what I want this blog to be, and what I want to avoid.

What I'd like ACE to be:

  • A space for me to capture and exhibit the beauty that I find in things on a day to day basis. 
  • A blog that highlights OTHER people.
  • Captures settings and vibes beyond my own tastes, capabilities, and routines. 
  • Authentic about my path to improve myself...which is something we all know I am addicted to. 
  • I want it to exemplify my fascination with how other people do things; how they cook, dress, speak, decorate, spend their time, and EVOLVE. Whether this is through direct posts, or things I have been inspired by and tried, I really am fascinated with how other people live and grow. 
  • I want it to be clean and bright. 
  • I want it to be well written...most of the time. 
  • I want to learn how to capture beautiful photos. 
  • Inspiring. 
  • Real. 
  • A journal of sorts for myself. 
  • An outlet for myself. 
  • A possible outlet for behind the scenes partnerships...I really don't want anything in terms of in your face partnerships or ads or anything like that...even if that were an option for me ;)
  • A site to look back on to see how I have changed and grown. 
  • I really want it to be a place that can make other people feel better about themselves, their situations, or whatever they are experiencing. 
  • A vehicle for positive connections. 

What I DON'T want ACE to be:

  • Materialistic.
  • A platform to brag about my life or anything at all. 
  • Fashion photos. 
  • Intimidating. 
  • Fake or forced. 
  • Preachy. 
  • Focused on publicity or number of views. 
  • A social media trap...I do NOT want my life to be social media. Not even a little bit. 
  • Overly promoted. 
  • I don't ever want to do bloggy public appearances. Once again, not like this is an option, I just want to make it clear that this is not a goal of mine, or anything I want this to be about. 
  • I am not trying to be, nor do I want to be any kind of influencer. (Once again, not an option, not a goal.)
  • A place for tutorials. I don't mind them, but I feel like it's not my place to show people how to do things. It just feels weird. 
  • I am not aiming for any content to go viral...see above about numbers and views. 

So that's it! It's mostly just for me, but also for anyone who was curious about why this thing even exists. 

Here is where I ask for a favor. I love visibility and knowing where I stand...if you are reading this, and you have read any other posts, please hold me accountable. If you feel like I am getting preachy, or straying from this list, kindly let me know. I value opinions. I might not change anything I am doing, but it's nice to know how things are being interpreted. Call me curious. ;)