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Part I of mid year goals: my blogging inspiration

Yuri Dibble4 Comments
Part I of mid year goals: my blogging inspiration

I hinted at something a few posts ago...and now I would like to dive into it a little bit more. I have used blogs to get through almost every large event in my life. For example:

  • When I went through a hard break up, I lost myself in Hungry Runner Girl. She went through a divorce right after the birth of her daughter, and since she was obviously a pretty devout Mormon, so it had to have been something heartbreaking for her to really walk away and file for divorce. Watching how she handled the grief and found herself again gave me hope. 
  • When I was lost in Mexico, I worked my way through Barefoot Blonde, and then Annie Lawless of blawnde.com. I liked how Amber did what she loved even when her friends made fun of her. It's so interesting to see how all these influencers started out...awkward, unprofessional, and just going for what they want one novice step at a time. Annie Lawless spoke to the part of me that is obsessed with health and as a young entrepreneur, she is someone that I look up to. A 25 year old selling her company for millions of dollars? That's the shit I want to fill me head with. 
  • Since my dad died, I have been lost in Carly the Prepster. She began the blog in 2009 when she was a freshman at Gerogetown. East coast, super smart, doesn't party much...she is a type of personality I haven't come across much. But I find it intriguing. 

I find it all intriguing. I told Chris today that I just LOVE watching how other people live their lives. I find it fascinating. I also love to watch how life unfolds for different people...the whole thing is just so interesting to me. On another level it just helps me lose myself. Sometimes I just need to zone out, and reading about other people's lives just does it for me. Plus it gives me inspiration for how I want to handle my life moving forward. A little beauty inspo here, a little health inspo there...it all adds up to a uniquely better me. 

Other blogs I have saved on my phone:

  • The Skinny Confidential: Very CA girl, but Lauryn goes for it. I admire her for that. 
  • NoteBrooke: Reads a little like she tries too hard, but she crafted a life by doing things before she was ready. Can't hate on that. 
  • Becca Tilley: Not a whole lot of depth, but it's bright and breezy, and I love the branding. 
  • Lauren Conrad: No explanation necessary. 
  • Southern Living: Not a blog, but I love getting home and garden inspo from this outlet. I feel like there is a tiny southern belle buried somewhere deep inside of me and this satisfies that piece of me. 
  • Ultra Runner Girl: She's a human rights lawyer in the middle east that runs 100+ mile ultra races through the entire world. This is what I mean, I don't know people like this in real life but they motivate the shit out of me. 
  • Oh Lady Cakes: a foodie blog from my very own state of CO, and even more specifically, Denver! She is amazing and I love her whole vibe. 
  • The Collaboration Blog: Food, fashion, lifestyle...you name it, they got it. This is another one based out of Denver, so I'm partial. 
  • Elsa's Wholesome Life: Vegan Aussie food blog. Seriously, I am all over the board here people. 
  • Champagne and Chanel: I like the aesthetic of this blog, and her fashion is simple with punches of trend which I can relate to. 
  • First we Eat: Photogrpahy and food inspo to the MAX. Super hipster and I love it. 
  • Half Baked Harvest: Once again, foodie blog that always keeps me coming back for more. Plus, her little bro is the kid that won the gold medals in snowboarding at the Olympics...seriously, they must be doing something right in that family. 
  • I also love Jordan Underwood, but she is more IG and I don't really follow her blog that much. 

As you can see, I love me some blogs. There is nothing I like more than curling up on the couch and working through my favorites. 

But wait, what is the point of all this? I'll get into it in Part II. But for now, just know that I spent the last hour in the bath tub reading through 2012 posts of Carly the Prepster, and had an idea. In an effort to keep my posts a tad shorter, I'll get into this in the next post. For now, what about you? Any gems you get lost in? How do you deal with hardships in life? My ways might not seem healthy, but they have worked for me this far...so I aint gonna fix what isn't already broken.