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Call to action: Say the nice thing

Yuri DibbleComment
Call to action: Say the nice thing

This whole blogging thing is pretty interesting. It's kind of crazy to see the responses to certain posts. I'll think something is shit, or too preachy, or poorly written, and then I'll post it against my better judgement anyways. Then I'll open my inbox and Facebook the next morning and I'll have emails and Facebook shares I never expected. 

On the flip side, I'm sure things are being said behind my back. I'm sure I'm annoying to a lot of people. I bet there are plenty of people out there who think this blog (and me in general) are dumb. But I'll tell you this: for some reason, the only feedback I have gotten directly to me, or to my face, has been resoundingly positive. If you know me, you know I will find any way to beat myself up and prove that I'm not good enough. So for me to sit here and say I haven't gotten an ounce of negative feedback means there legitimately hasn't been any. (Once again, at least to my face - which is all I have to go off of.)

The amount of kind words, small messages, and even lengthy emails has blown me away. And of course, it got me thinking. 

How many times do we have something nice to say and we don't say it? We just keep it inside and never release it. I know I have caught myself countless times thinking something nice, but not saying it because of whatever excuse I decided to come up with that day. For example, I could be in the grocery store and really like someone's outfit. I might not say anything because I don't want to sound creepy, or I think they already hear it all the time, or I just don't feel like putting myself out there, or even worse - my own pride. Luckily, I have recognized this song and dance, so when I feel myself hesitating I make sure I say the thing anyways. Sometimes the person does think I am weird and creepy. Maybe I am. But at least I said it, and I don't think anything bad can come of saying something nice to someone. 

What if all those people had never decided to email me, DM me on Instagram, or share my blog post? I'm not sure I would be doing what I am doing right now - and I really love what I am doing right now. Think about the way you feel when someone takes the time out to say something nice to you...I bet it at least makes your day - maybe even your week. Now think about the reasons you hold back from doing that for other people. Are they legitimate reasons? Maybe. If they are then stand your ground. 

But if you come to the conclusion that your reasoning for being silent is fear based, then I will challenge you to this: say it. Tell her her hair looks pretty today. Tell them they are an amazing cook even if they hear it 50 times a day in their restaurant. Tell him he looks strong today. Tell her you think she is an amazing writer. Tell him he's smart. Tell them. Don't keep it inside.

How much good do you think we could spread in this world if we just said the nice things we think? (Quick Yuri, your optimism in humanity is showing...) Fuck it, I'll say it: I think we are all good deep down. I really, really do. I think the only reason we hide it is because of fear. Fear drives some people much more than others, but I think it all boils down to fear. And I bet if we could learn to recognize this, and do the nice thing anyways, we could make a difference. 

It might not be solving world hunger, or curing cancer, but if everyone reading this blog started telling people the nice things they think of them instead of keeping it to themselves, I bet we could have some sort of ripple effect. 

So for me, I am making sure that anything nice I think, I say out loud. There's really no legitimate reason for me not to. What do you think?

Hope this short piece meant something...as a sign off, here are some pictures from this week!

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