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Life Lately

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Life Lately

Ugh. Blog life problems. This is the THIRD time I have written this bad boy. The first was from a hammock while watching the bike portion of Iron Man Cozumel, the second was from El Bungalow while watching the marathon portion of the Iron Man, and the third is here from the comfort of our bed after a long day of spectating and electric bill paying, and fish eating. Rough life, I know. 

Anyways, in news outside of my blog not saving, I am happy to report that this little family of ours has finally found our groove on the island. Yes, we have some sort of routine. While things aren't 100% dialed in, they are almost there. And that makes my little heart sing. 

I usually get up around 5 or 6, get ready, teach some classes, and clean the apartment (the sand situation with #islandlife is unreal). Then Chris makes our usual breakfast (we are on a high fat kick) while I do some journaling, yoga, and meditation. Side note: I have realized that this ritual is not a luxury - it is 100% a necessity. I notice a HUGE difference in my awareness, gratefulness, patience, and confidence on a daily basis between when I have spent time in this routine and when I have not. Life is too short for me to be living days where I can't sync up with this awareness and thankfulness. It is the most important thing to me right now. 

Anyways, what follows is usually some combination of going into town for laundry, a stop at Mercado Municipal (a local market that is everything you think a Mexican market would be), lounging and soaking sun up on the beach, finding a bar with Wifi to work on the blog and eBook, cooking a simple dinner, taking the pups on a long walk to the beach, snorkeling, spear fishing, trying ceviche in a new spot, or curling up in bed to watch our current show of choice: Fargo. (Highly recommend.)

Hopefully we will be adding half marathon training, salsa dancing, and some swimming to the mix soon as well. I'll continue to post some free flows to Youtube, and we have a contest we are trying to win too - so I will be working on that in the coming weeks. 

We have the beaches we know we like, a tequila we know we like to buy, favorite spots to watch the sunset, our favorite beer for beach days and our favorite wine for pasta nights. We know how to pay the Wifi bill (in person) and how to pay the electric bill (in person). We have met people to go watch perform in bands, and we have friends to have dinner parties with. 

Things are unfolding nicely and I am soaking in as much as I can. I still get homesick but not so much that I cry, and it's fleeting. I know home is waiting for me whenever this trip runs its course. In the meantime, I hope to get everything out of this experience that I can. Like watching my boyfriend play with the puppies in this tiny studio while the sun sets. I'll take it. 

Couple of things I have been working on that I want to hit on as well:

I can't go from point A to point B without actually taking the path from Point A to Point B.

Ugh, I know. It seems obvious right? I want everything right away. I want ACE what I picture in my mind right away...but that's just not how things work. And you know what? I don't want it to work that way. This will always be the fall that I moved to Mexico and wrote my first eBook.  The fall that the puppies weren't a year old yet. The fall that Chris and I were celebrating our one year anniversary and still "dating." i will never have this time again...things will progress as they are meant to, and trying to force it to go faster will not only NOT WORK, but it will cheapen the experience. No thanks. 

Of course, I was not the one to come to this realization about myself on my own. In our first month here, I drunkenly took to my first yoga nook and tried a lotus headstand for the first time. I didn't do it. I tried again - didn't do it. I complained to Chris "UGH.l I am NEVER going to be able to do this!" To which he replied "Are you fucking serious? You just tried three times and you are drunk." Laughter ensued. And then I was able to do it two days later. 

I want what I want when I want it. And that's a pretty bratty way to live life, so no mas. Slow and steady as much as possible. 

I am remembering to play the "So What" game.

Okay, so I have read this idea in Norman Vincent Peale books, but I also stumbled across it on one of my fav blogs! Fate. 

The idea is this: when I get stressed or start future tripping or worrying about any of the bagillion things I worry about on the daily, I play the So What game. For example: "What if I get stung by a sea urchin climbing out of the coral?" It will hurt. I will go to the hospital. I will find a way to pay for it. The sun will rise the next day and the next and then in a year it won't matter. 

Here's another example "What if moving to Mexico was the biggest mistake and I hate it and everything I am working on fails?" I'll move back. I'll live with my mom if I have to. I'll get another job, I'll do everything I know I have already done once. The sun will rise the next day. And the next day. I'll figure it out. 

"What if she thinks I'm dumb/trying too hard/self centered?" She will think it. I will move on. The sun will rise the next day. I'll figure it out. 

Literally the sun is going to rise, then it's going to set, then it's going to rise again. And I guarantee you we will figure whatever shit pops up. But until then, let's not avoid anything because we are scared of what MIGHT happen. If it happens, we can deal with it then...just like we dealt with every issue in our lives up until this point. So what. Really, so what?

So that's pretty much it for this week's recap! I hope there was at least one morsel in here that gave you some sort of inspiration or enjoyment! Here are some pics of the last 7 days. #phonedump:

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 9.45.53 AM.png