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I am just going to say it: I haven't ran a single race since 2015. Not one. 

I have planned for quite a few! Does that count? Ugh, I know it doesn't count. BUT in my defense, as I stated in my last IG post, I am learning to use my tendency towards extremes in my favor. Can I change the fact that when I love something, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it? And on the flip side, can I change the fact that when I am over something, I am just. so. over. it? Maybe I could. But I'm trying this new thing where I don't try to change who I am. You know, this whole acceptance movement. However, the type A in me will not allow me to stay stagnant. Therefore, I am left with only one option: to make my flaws work for me. 

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Something has been on my mind lately. Well, the seed was planted in my brain a long time ago, but it recently bloomed into a full on hyacinth takeover in my head...ANYWAYS, it has to do with women and this whole movement about photoshop, and being real, and not being perfect, and accepting yourself and all that jazz. 

Let me set the scene: I am watching a girl power commercial, I think it's for Girls Club, or something like that. But they cut to a girl sitting on a bench next to a Victoria's Secret ad. She looks ashamed of herself in comparison to the picture and the voiceover says something along the same lines. We've all felt that feeling though, right? We watch, or scroll, or dig for pictures of these skinny, beautiful, genetic jackpots. Then we start to compare, which leads to feeling inadequate. Everyone knows what I am talking about, right? This part is easy. It's what follows that has been giving me issues.


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