Yoga Crash Course

Yoga Crash Course


This guide is for anyone who has ever thought "I want to get into yoga but don't know how."

In this newbie yoga guide, I will give you a crash course in all things yoga. We are talking lingo, types of yoga, pose how to's, props, suggested flow designs, explanation of the 8 limbs and 7 chakras... the whole shebang. It's literally everything I have learned so far on my yoga journey packed into a 50 page ebook for your viewing pleasure. 

It's broken up into sections so you can get through the material in your own way at your own pace. But most importantly, I give you 20 beginner poses and break down each and every one. That way, if you decide to take a class with me, any studio in your area, or even if you just start your own at home practice, you will have the fundamentals to get the ball rolling. 

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