Hello there,

I'm Yuri, a confusing Gemini with a tendency to overanalyze. (Can anyone relate?) With all this traffic up in my head, I needed an outlet...so here we are. 

Now for the bloggy rundown of who I am: I am 31 years old, and my interests vary with my mood. I can be found cooking, running, dancing, yoga-ing, working, hiking, writing, reading, or throwing back a few whiskey's and/or wine. It all depends on how I am feeling at the moment.

Sometimes I like to be alone with a book, other times I like to be at a party surrounded by people. Sometimes I only drink green juice and eat whole foods, other times I can be caught with 2 bags of Skittles in my hands. I make zero promises when it comes to predictability.

My little family (2 rescue pups from Puerto Rico, and my amazing boyfriend) and I recently sold everything and tried a minimalist island life for a while. We learned many valuable lessons, but now we are back in the States and ready for our next adventure! 

I am fascinated by growth - whether in nature, or as human beings. I love seeing where something starts, and where it ends up. I really think that is why I am so happy to be blogging, even if it's only for me. I spend hours reading blogs from beginning to end. I love flowers, food, decor, drinks, beauty, financial growth, health, style, story telling, home, photos...all of which add up to my favorite part of life...memories. 

This is my personal pocketbook for all of the memories and lessons I am stringing together in this life, and I love that I have something tangible to look back on that reminds me of the growth I experienced along the way. 

All in all, I hope you find this space educational, beautiful, honest, and inspiring. 

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